Does Bigfoot Really Exist?

Does Bigfoot really exist, or is it just an elaborate hoax or mass hallucination? Bigfoot is considered a cryptid, an animal whose existence has been suggested but not proven scientifically.  The North American folklore of Bigfoot or Sasquatch tells of an ape-like creature said to inhabit the wilderness and forests of the Pacific Northwest region….

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What Is A Spirit Box?

What is a spirit box, and why would you want to use one? Communicating with ghosts and other supernatural entities is becoming easier every day. Technology is rapidly evolving in this field, and soon we may finally be able to definitively prove the existence of ghosts. But will spirit boxes help us do that? A…


Is Bigfoot An Inter-Dimensional Being?

Bigfoot, the hairy ape-like creature that hides in the deepest parts of American forests, may be an inter-dimensional being. At least, that’s the theory some experts have. Bigfoot may be an inter-dimensional being because Bigfoot’s sightings are linked to UFOs, strange lights in the skies, psychic phenomenon, and because he never leaves evidence behind. While…

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What Does Bigfoot Eat?

This huge, hairy primate requires a ton of calories to survive, so what does Bigfoot eat? These large mammals are found in the USA and Canada, and they need calorie-dense food sources or a lot of food. Bigfoot eats berries, leaves, shoots, and fruit. They probably supplement their diet with small animals or scavenged food…