A ghost child under a sheet.

Five Ghost Encounters That Will Scare Your Pants Off

Real life ghost encounters are always scarier than the ones in a movie. Whether you encounter a ghost in the woods or you live in one of the many haunted towns in the world, no other experience can compare to facing a real spirit.

These five ghost encounters have been sent to me by friends and family. They take place all over the world, from Hawaii to Japan, and are terrifying stories. So if you want to scare your pants off, ponder at the secrets of life after death, and enjoy some true scary stories, keep reading.

Eerie ghost encounters with a terrified spirit of a woman.
The terrifying spirit of a lady hovers over you in an old hotel room.

The Terrified Lady in Room 402

I used to work as an engineer at a hotel on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. There was a retirement home for U.S. military veterans located next to the hotel, and the old men would sometimes come over and have a drink with us after work in the bar.

One old fellow told me about an encounter he had when he stayed at that same hotel years ago…by himself, no less. He often had the same room on the fourth floor… yes, the same room I used to stay in for free when I worked in the hotel. 

The night he arrived, he was tired after a long trip, so he just dropped his bags and headed right to bed. Shortly after laying down, he felt the presence of someone standing next to his bed — a presence so strong that it jolted him out of his sleep.

As he opened his eyes, a woman was staring at him with wide-open eyes. She had dark brown hair and eyes. He couldn’t see her face clearly in the darkness because the only light in the room came from a street lamp outside. But he could make out enough details of her face to know that she was probably in her late 30s or early 40s.

She was wearing a pink one-piece nightgown. There was an expression of… “shock/horror” on her face as she just stared at this poor guy lying there next to his bed… as if she had seen a ghost.

“There was something very odd about this woman,” he told me later. “She seemed to be somehow aware of the fact that I was there in the bedroom…but at the same time, she wasn’t aware that I was there at all.”

He surmised that this woman could very well have been a spirit. However, there was also a possibility that she might have just been some random visitor that wandered into the darkness of his room by accident. 

She didn’t move. Just that same expression of shock/horror on her face as she stood there. After another minute or so of staring at him, she slowly turned and walked out of the room and down the hall without making a sound! 

He was genuinely terrified by that experience, but he kept it to himself. After all, people would think he was nuts if they knew about it.

The terrifying ghost demon dog of Tokyo runs through a foggy forest.
The malicious ghost dog of Tokyo.

The Scary Ghost Dog Of Tokyo

When I lived in Tokyo with my wife in the 1990s, a friend of mine told me about her neighbor’s experience with a “ghost dog” that stalks the alleyways by his home. I have no idea if there was any truth to this story or not…but it was pretty creepy.

Apparently, a man lived in that neighborhood- a middle-aged man who had two dogs. One day, one of the dogs suddenly died for no apparent reason.

The problem was that the dead dog was apparently the “bully” of the two dogs — a nasty, aggressive hound who had terrorized the neighborhood. Suddenly, his cowering counterpart started to become very aggressive…and even developed an eerie supernatural ability to vanish into thin air. 

The dog would attack small dogs out for walks, and he would appear out of nowhere to frighten people in that neighborhood. They could tell he had gone mad from the death of his companion.

The crazy thing is… this dog showed up in a lot of different places. And it would disappear just as quickly without anyone being able to catch it or do anything to try and stop it from harassing the locals. Apparently, someone snapped a picture of this dog…but I’m not sure if that picture exists today or not. 

I asked my friend if she had ever seen the dog herself. She said that she had seen him…but never thought of him as anything more than a big dog, though she was afraid of him. She confessed to me that at night, she couldn’t help but look out the window and wonder if it was still out there lurking in the shadows.

My friend’s neighbor, however, may have died because of this ghost dog. One night, he was apparently walking his usual route home when he saw this dog standing by his house’s gate. He freaked out and started running back to his own place as fast as he could…but when he turned around, he found the dog standing there snarling at him, closer than ever.

This man collapsed from a heart attack on the spot and died soon after. His death may have been caused by this ghost dog harassing him.

A run down house with a ghostly handprint on the window
Eerie sounds come from rundown apartments.

The Strange, Paranormal Sounds of a Haunted Apartment in New Orleans.

My wife and I lived in New Orleans for a while after Hurricane Katrina. It was one of the hardest times to live in the city, as people came from all over to help them recover. We repeatedly heard absolutely bizarre sounds coming from the walls and ceilings of our apartment complex during that week.

We would hear strange scratching noises as if something huge were trying to get through to us…or even reach into our room via the walls.

The sound was very faint, but it was unmistakable. It wasn’t the usual scratching that a mouse or rat would make in the walls. We could also hear occasional soft voices of people talking or whispering and what sounded like some kind of electronic device beeping in an office room down the hall.

Our landlord even told us about a tenant who lived downstairs…a young woman who had to be hospitalized because she started going insane from these strange sounds! 

We were never sure what made those sounds…or who or what was making them. But it likely had something to do with the ghosts remaining from Katrina. 

A child dressed as a ghost with a sheet over them in a foggy bedroom
A strange but true encounter with a ghost.

The Paranormal Encounter in a Portland, Oregon Hotel Room

One of my favorite ghost stories is about an incident that happened in the 1950s at an old hotel in Portland, Oregon. This hotel was a very old and rundown place before it was shut down… and after it ceased being used as a hotel, it became a place for drug addicts, prostitutes, and mentally disturbed people to live on the property. The city soon demolished it.

But before it was closed down, a group of people staying at that hotel complained about an odd lady who would hang out in the hallway late at night.

She was a woman dressed in a Victorian-style dress…and she would just stand there and stare at people walking by with blank, unblinking eyes. The woman was apparently the first wife of the hotel’s original owner who supposedly hanged herself after her spouse left her for a younger woman. 

According to some reports, the staff felt that she would watch them through the windows of their hotel rooms…and sometimes they could hear her breathing in unison with their own. She seemed to be keeping an eye on them.

Whenever they would leave their rooms at night, they could feel her presence watching them as they walked down the hallway. This woman wasn’t seen during the day…only at night when she was in her ghostly form. 

A young ghost child holding an ax.
The eerie spirit of a ghost girl haunting a home in Seattle.

The Eerie Haunting Of A Little Girl In Seattle

My daughter was only two when she first started being haunted. We lived in a large four-bedroom house in Seattle, Washington, and my daughter’s room was in the northwest corner of the house on the second floor. She would always wake up at night screaming…and when my wife would come into her room to comfort her, we could see a young girl standing near her dresser watching her sleep. 

She didn’t seem dangerous or evil…just very sad and lonely. But when my wife turned on the light to check on her daughter, this young girl would vanish. 

My wife and I were both convinced that whatever we saw was the ghost of a little girl. We assumed that she had jumped off or fallen off a nearby cliff near our house and died in our backyard decades ago.

Years later, we found out that there had been a family living in this same house long before us…and they had a daughter who died from an illness when she was twelve years old. The little girl’s name was Eileen, and she died in 1929. She was apparently buried on the property behind our house…but we weren’t sure where. 

We were never able to see this girl again after that first night…but I still wonder about her. Had she found peace in the afterlife…

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