High Strangeness In The Supernatural: An Exploration Of The Unseen World

High Strangeness is a captivating and mysterious concept that lies somewhere between the ordinary and extraordinary. It originated in the 1970s when renowned astronomer J. Allen Hynek was researching UFOs and other unexplained phenomena while working on government-funded studies. The term has since been associated with all things unusual or unexplainable, from paranormal events like alien encounters, to mythical creatures and supernatural phenomena.

It’s alluring, enigmatic nature makes High Strangeness an alluring adventure for those who dare to explore what lies beyond the realm of reality. Despite there still being so much we don’t know about this topic, its potential for unraveling mysteries holds an irresistible enchanting quality that captivates everyone from scientists searching for tangible answers to enchanted enthusiasts seeking something truly unique and extraordinary.

High Strangeness In UFOs

High Strangeness is an unexplainable phenomenon that often contains unknown elements and leaves observers perplexed. From a phone battery suddenly dropping from 80% to 0% when viewing a UFO, to historical accounts of strange encounters with the Men in Black, these impossible-to-fathom events can take many forms.

Stories of mysterious experiences with the Men in Black are some of the most remarkable examples of High Strangeness – such as the experience of Albert K. Bender in 1953. After closing down his International Flying Saucer Bureau, Bender was contacted by three mysterious Men in Black who communicated with him telepathically and had an unpleasant sulfuric smell. This is but one example of the surreal events that have reportedly occurred involving the Men in Black – incidents that continue to fascinate observers today.

High Strangeness In Cryptids

High Strangeness is a phenomenon not just related to alien and UFO sightings, but to cryptids like the Mothman and Bigfoot as well. In 1966, people started reporting strange sightings of the Mothman in West Virginia that were accompanied by feelings of High Strangeness.

One witness, Woodrow Derenberger, spectacularly claimed that he encountered somebody known as ‘Indrid Cold’ telepathically, who he perceived was from beyond this world. This mysterious individual seemed determined to tell him information he wanted explained.

All these events stuck with Woodrow for decades, leading many to believe there was truly something out of the ordinary occurring at that time.

High Strangeness In Future Innovation

High Strangeness is an often unexplainable phenomenon that has become associated with the Internet of Things and future technology. Famous funnyman Dan Aykroyd even experienced High Strangeness when filming a TV show about UFOs.

He reported that two mysterious men in black gave him a dirty look and the network abruptly cancelled the show without much explanation. This unexplained occurrence is believed to be connected to the paranormal and unexplained phenomena from extraterrestrial origins. While this experience may remain unexplained, it can only be seen as evidence for one more strange, yet unique case of High Strangeness.

High Strangeness in Cow Mutilations

Cow mutilations have long been described as High Strangeness events, with recent cases occurring as recently as October 2019. The details are baffling, featuring precise and laser-like incisions that appear to have removed organs from the animals, oftentimes their genitals or tongue, without leaving any trace of blood behind. This phenomenon has occurred for decades and continues to elude explanation.

High Strangeness in the Paranormal

High strangeness is not only connected to UFOs, cryptids, and cow mutilations, but it also involves a whole range of paranormal activities. Historical accounts of hauntings often propel tales of mystical incidents involving objects moving by themselves, spectral sightings, and faulty electronics.

Even the most mundane tasks or environment can become surreal if unexplainable events are claimed; this could be as simple as spirits lingering in a home or poltergeists causing items to levitate. Such inexplicable phenomenon reveals both how vast and peculiar the world of unexplainable phenomena can be.

High Strangeness in the Esoteric

High strangeness and the esoteric are intrinsically intertwined, with experiences of lucid dreaming, astral projection, and other altered states of consciousness playing a major role. These occurrences frequently involve the more supernatural aspects of psychic abilities, such as telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition and other unexplained phenomena. It is these mysterious elements that make for an interesting exploration into the world of high strangeness and undeniable supernatural presence.


The concept of High strangeness is one that has captured the imagination of many for decades, for it encapsulates a mysterious assortment of all things mystical and unknown. From flying saucers to cryptids to unexplainable historical anomalies, this sometimes ethereal phenomenon has drawn the intrigue of the curious and daring alike who are searching for glimpses into those secrets that still remain unveilled beyond the reach of our comprehension.

Whether they involve inexplicable lights in the sky or unexplainable animal deaths, High strangeness can often leave us pondering over these mysteries that seemingly have no earthly explanation.

Even though these enigmas may remain unsolved, we can still be mesmerized by them – a reminder that even in today’s technologically advanced world there are still corners of the universe teeming with mysteries just waiting to be discovered.

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