Is Bigfoot An Inter-Dimensional Being?

Bigfoot, the hairy ape-like creature that hides in the deepest parts of American forests, may be an inter-dimensional being. At least, that’s the theory some experts have.

Bigfoot may be an inter-dimensional being because Bigfoot’s sightings are linked to UFOs, strange lights in the skies, psychic phenomenon, and because he never leaves evidence behind.

While he is said to have features like that of a bear or a monkey, he has never left evidence like bones or fur. Some of the earliest sightings of the primitive creature date back to the 1700s, yet we still haven’t found definitive proof of its existence.

But what is an inter-dimensional being, and how does this theory answer many of the questions posed by Bigfoot skeptics?

What Is An Inter-Dimensional Being?

The inter-dimensional hypothesis is a theory advanced by Ufologists. It asserts that UFOs and related phenomena are not merely supernatural events.

Instead, Ufologists like Jacques Vallée say that these things come from other dimensions that coexist with our own. There may be windows between our realities and the others. 

These windows allow UFOs and creatures like Bigfoot to cross over.

Also referred to as ultra-terrestrials, inter-dimensional entities seem to take on the role of a trickster spirit. 

They aren’t necessarily evil, but they like to play tricks on humans and make humans feel like they’re going crazy.

If these beings can pop in and out of realities through the windows that connect them, that would allow them to scare the heck out of some humans and then leave without a trace.

Essentially, an inter-dimensional being is one that is capable of hopping from one reality or dimension to another. Whether they do this at will, or it’s just something that happens to them, we aren’t sure.

Is Bigfoot An Inter-Dimensional Being?

According to Paranormal researcher William Hall, the world of paranormal research is more connected than we might realize.

Modern researchers are starting to realize that ghosts, aliens, Bigfoot, and other phenomena have more in common than they thought.

They are starting to work together more, and they’re bringing more science into the discussion.

Quantum physics, string theory, and other scientific theories are being used to explain the weird behavior of paranormal entities.

Bigfoot hunters have started reporting that their run-ins with the hairy monster aren’t all that they experience. They also experience orange orbs, bright lights, and visits from men in black or black-eyed kids.

And Bigfoot does have that playful trickster element to him. From their screams to tree knocking to their curiosity about human children, they play with our sense of fear.

The CIA even investigated a case where there were both UFOs and Bigfoot encounters. That took place in the 1960s in Presque Isle State Park.

So the link between UFOs and Bigfoot is well established and quite old.

Some people who encountered Bigfoot have even said he can dematerialize and has psychic powers.

Bigfoot’s Paranormal PhenomenaDescriptions
TelepathyPeople who have encountered Bigfoot sometimes claim that it has telepathically communicated with them.
UFO sightingsThe earliest co-occurrence of Bigfoot and UFOs happened in 1888. Native Americans saw “moons” fall from the sky, drop a “crazy bear”, and then return to the skies.
Balls of lightAreas with Bigfoot activity are often areas where balls of light are seen.
DematerializationBigfoot seems to be capable of disappearing as a way to escape capture.
Weather controlSome sightings depict Bigfoot of being capable of controlling rain and wind.
HealingBigfoot has been known to heal injured humans in certain situations.

Is Bigfoot An Alien?

It is certainly possible that Bigfoot is an alien. What seems like grunts and screams to us could be the complex language of a highly evolved creature.

Instead of being a “missing link” between man and ape, Bigfoot could simply be from outer space.

That would explain the connections between Bigfoot and UFO sightings, as well as the orange orbs that Bigfoot encounters describe.

Back as far as 1888, Bigfoot has been connected to the stars. Native Americans in California led a cattleman to a cave, where he found the huge body of a humanoid creature. It was covered in long, black hair.

One of the Native Americans told the man that three of those “Crazy Bears” had fallen out of a moon that fell from the sky. After dropping the beast, it then ascended back into the air.

So you see, stories connecting Bigfoot to aliens are older than you might expect!

Why It Makes Sense That Bigfoot Is An Inter-Dimensional Being

Bigfoot leaves little to no evidence behind. Aside from some possible footprints, no bones or fur can be definitively said to belong to Bigfoot.

But if Bigfoot is more of an ethereal being, it would make sense that little evidence is left behind.

Simply said, if Bigfoot only dies in another dimension, we will never be able to collect its body or bones.

While the theory may seem “woo” or silly, it does fill some gaps that researchers otherwise have no answers for.

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