How To Protect Yourself From Ghosts

So you want to protect yourself from ghosts. How do you do that? There are many forms of spiritual and physical protection that you can turn to.

Are you haunted by ghosts? Do you see apparitions everywhere you go? Do you hear voices talking to you?

There are many things that go bump in the night, but ghosts are among the most terrifying. They haunt us, and we don’t understand why. But one thing’s for sure – they’re real!

I’ve spent years researching the paranormal and studying how we perceive reality. In this article, I’m going to share with you everything I learned about protecting yourself and your home from ghosts and hauntings.

Spiritual Protection

Spiritual protection isn’t just for devoutly religious people. If you’re dealing with ghosts and spirits, you need to be aware of the different non-physical ways to get them to leave you alone.


Prayer is a way of asking God, the gods, spirits, ancestors, or the universe to help you. Prayer is a powerful tool because it allows you to connect with something bigger than yourself. It also helps you to focus on what you really want, instead of what you think you should have.

In my experience, prayer works best when you pray for specific intentions. For example, if you want to rid your house of ghosts, then you might ask God to remove any negative energy that may be lingering there. You could also ask Him to give you strength so that you can face whatever challenges come your way.

You can use prayers like these as a guide to create your own personalized prayers. The more detailed your prayers are, the better.

Magical Wards

Pentacles, incense, candles, crystals, herbs, oils, and other magical objects all work together to keep ghosts away. These items are often used in rituals and spells to ward off evil spirits.

Wearing protective amulets and talismans is another great way to protect yourself from ghosts and spirits.

If you find yourself being followed by a ghost, imagine a bright light shining between you and the entity, making him disappear. Or, if you are being haunted by a spirit, envision a giant hand reaching toward you to push the spirit back.


A sigil is an symbol that has been charged with an intent. Sigils have been carved into houses for centuries. They have been used to ward off monsters, cryptids, ghosts, and evil spirits.

Carving a sigil or even just a protective pentagram into your home as soon as you buy it will ensure your years living there will be ghost free and safe.

Dancing And Music

Ecstatic dancing and music build up the spiritual energy around us. When the house is filled with positive spiritual energy, negative entities can’t stick around.

Dancing in groups creates a positive atmosphere where everyone feels free to express their emotions. Music adds rhythm and harmony, creating a perfect environment for dancing. It helps to release pent-up emotional energy that might attract negative entities.

Blessing The Home

When you bless your home, you’re asking for blessings on your family. You’re asking for protection from any harm that may come their way.

You can bless your home by saying prayers over it. You can use incense, oil, and other things to create a sacred atmosphere.

Cleanse Your Space Often

If you live in a haunted place, you’ll probably notice that the spirit world doesn’t seem to respect boundaries. This means that you won’t always feel safe in your own space.

To make sure that you’re protected, cleanse your space regularly. Use sage (ethically harvested), salt, holy water, and other cleansing tools to purify your home.

Asking For Divine Help

Sometimes, you need to call upon divine forces to help you. Ask for guidance, protection, healing, and anything else that you need.

In order to ask for divine aid, you should use words like “help me,” “protect me,” ” heal me,” or “guide me.” Then, visualize a light source (sun, star, etc.) above you, and imagine that the light enters into your body, fills it completely, and then leaves again. Repeat this process three times.

Physical Protection

These physical items blend magic and the material world to keep your spaces safe from ghosts.

These are simple charms created using everyday objects such as candles, stones, herbs, etc. They can protect your space from ghosts and help you stay healthy. You might use them to cleanse your space after a ghostly encounter.


Spiritual crystals can help shift the vibes in your home to make it less hospitable for negative spirits. Some crystals for protection and warding off spirits include:

  • Amethyst – protects against psychic attack
  • Citrine – wards off negativity
  • Clear Quartz – clears negative energies
  • Moonstone – brings peace and harmony
  • Rose Quartz – heals emotional wounds
  • Turquoise – strengthens intuition
  • Yellow Jasper – calms emotions
  • White Tiger Eye – enhances psychic abilities
  • Black Tourmaline – removes fear

Candle Magic

Candles are a great way to bring light and love into your home. Candles can also be used to banish bad spirits.

White candles draw in holiness and purity. Black candles can be used to banish and ward.

Witch Bottles

Witch bottles are small glass jars that hold a mixture of herbs, oils, and spices. They are used to cast spells and perform divination.

They can be used to drive out demons, attract good luck, and improve relationships. A witch bottle with the intention of protecting your home from ghosts can be buried in your yard for years of protection.


Most spirits HATE iron. In folklore, iron is said to protect from fairies, ghosts, and other spiritual entities. When you’re in a haunted area, carry something made of pure iron to keep yourself safe.

Iron is also important in many traditional folk customs. For instance, in some regions, iron rings are hung above doorways to prevent witches from entering a dwelling. To further block evil spirits from entering a home, people hang iron horseshoes outside front doors.

Religious Iconography

Some religious iconography can be used to protect your home from ghosts. This can be a crucifix, icons of saints, pentacles, and statues of pagan deities.

Herbal Magic

Sprinkling herbs around you and your home is an excellent and affordable way to protect yourself. There are some herbs that are very commonly used in warding and protection spells.


Okay, so salt isn’t an herb… but it is very useful for protecting you from malevolent spirits. Salt helps to clear energy, neutralize negative energy, and repel unwanted visitors.


This spice has been used throughout history as a protective charm. It’s believed to have magical properties and can be used to ward off evil spirits.

Black Pepper

Black Pepper is a powerful herb against the spirit world. It is said to protect against evil spirits and bring good luck when sprinkled around your home.


Basil is another powerful herb against evil spirits. When placed around doors and windows it can protect houses from ghost attacks.

Bay Leaf

Bay leaves have long been used to protect against witches, vampires and ghosts. They are thought to repel demons and evil spirits.

Cayenne Powder

Cayenne powder is often sprinkled around a new home to ward off ghosts and other supernatural entities.

Cayenne is a powerful spice in witchcraft. It is a potent aphrodisiac and stimulant. Cayenne is used to stimulate psychic powers and to increase awareness.

Chili Powder

A pinch of chili powder sprinkled around your home and garden is said to keep away ghosts, devils and evil spirits. The chili powder should be mixed into water and then poured onto the ground around the house.


Cloves have long been used to ward off ghosts and spirits. A clove tied to the wrist or ankle is said to protect against black magic, vampires and werewolves. Cloves are also believed to help prevent mental illness and epilepsy.

Cloves are also used in the form of incense burned during ritual to drive away ghosts and demons.


Cumin seeds are often used to sprinkle around homes, cars and places of business to keep away ghosts and spirits.


Garlic is a powerful herb against vampires, witches and demons. It is said that garlic wards off ghosts and evil spirits.


Oregano is one of the most popular herbs used in protection rituals. It is said to ward off ghosts, vampires, and demons.


In witchcraft, rosemary is known as a “love herb” because it is believed to attract love and romance. Rosemary is also used to ward off ghosts, demons and vampires.


Sage is a powerful herb against ghosts and demons. Sage is said to ward off evil spirits and protect against them.


Thyme is useful for warding off ghosts and demons. It is also associated with love and romance. Thyme is used to ward off ghosts by sprinkling it around the house.

Apple Seeds

Apple seeds are a magical ingredient used in spells for protection. Apple seeds are said to ward off ghosts and evil spirits and bring good fortune.

Garlic Cloves

Garlic cloves are a powerful herb against ghosts, demons and other negative entities. Garlic cloves are said to ward off evil forces and protect against them.

Take garlic cloves and tie them to your feet and shoes, and you will not get scared from any ghost or demon.


To keep away all kinds of ghostly apparitions, you can cut a leek and put it under your bed, just before you go to sleep. That’s what my mum says every year around Halloween! She puts her leek under her bed before she goes to sleep. And it really works!


Oranges can be used to draw out bad luck, but they are also believed to protect against ghosts and dark forces. Because of this, they are sometimes given as gifts to newlyweds.


Papayas are believed to help protect against bad luck, curses, and possession by supernatural forces. It is thought that eating a piece of papaya can help prevent illnesses caused by negative spirits. 

Peach Pits

Peach pits are believed to protect houses from evil spirits, and prevent disasters such as fire, flood, lightning strikes, and earthquakes.


Plantains are believed to protect against ghosts and other supernatural beings.

If you find yourself in need of protection, you can place a plantain around your bed or in your home to keep out ghosts and bad dreams.

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