Bung Siriboon is still missing. missing asian girl, mysterious, back to camera, on a road, school uniform, backpack
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The Disappearance of Bung Siriboon

More than ten years have passed since the mysterious disappearance of thirteen year-old Siriyakorn ‘Bung’ Siriboon while she was on her way to school in Melbourne, Australia. Despite an intensive search and investigation, no clues have been uncovered as to what happened to Bung that day.

This captivating unsolved case has been puzzling investigators ever since–sparking numerous speculations about the teen’s ultimate fate. What secrets does it hide? Why has justice for this young girl been so elusive? Find out in this compelling story of one of the most heartbreaking unsolved cases the country has ever seen.

Bung Siriboon is still missing. missing asian girl, mysterious, back to camera, on a road, school uniform, backpack

The Morning of June 2nd, 2011

On the morning of June 2nd, 2011, Bung stepped outside her home on Elsie Street in the suburb of Boronia to begin her 10-minute walk to school. She was dressed in her usual school uniform and carrying her bag. Witnesses reported seeing her making her way along the usual route, but she never made it to class that day.

The disappearance of Bung set off a flurry of activity in the neighborhood. Her parents quickly reported her absence to the police station and neighbors combed the streets trying to find any evidence that would lead them closer to solving this strange case – all coming up with nothing.

The mysterious vanishing of little Bung has left many questions unanswered. Was she taken by someone she knew? Or was there someone waiting for an opportunity to strike? And if so, how could they have managed to take Bung without anyone noticing? The search continues for this missing child, as we hope for answers to what happened on that fateful day over 10 years ago.

The Search for Bung

When Bung vanished in November 2011, a massive search was initiated but no leads were found. The extensive search involved CCTV footage analysis, vehicle tracking and neighbourhood doorknocking, as well as interviews with local sex offenders. Despite all of these efforts, the police could not find any information related to Bung’s disappearance – leading many to question whether she had been taken very far away or if the suspect had managed to cover their tracks.

Subsequently, a taskforce was established backed by more resources in order to intensively search for Bung. However, even with greatly increased efforts, the task force closed two years later without uncovering any substantial new evidence regarding her abduction – raising questions over the possibility of pre-existing connections with those involved. Some have speculated that this could explain why after many long years of searching there is still no trace of her whereabouts – making it one of Australia’s most mysterious and perplexing missing persons cases.

Sightings and Suspects

The mysterious abduction of Siriyakorn Siriboon, or “Bung” as she was affectionately known, still remains unsolved. Despite the investigation by Taskforce Puma – which investigated over 250 registered sex offenders, searched 1000 homes and collected an impressive 1100 pieces of evidence – the police have yet to produce any tangible results linking the case to an individual suspect.

What makes this case particularly ambiguous is the contradicting witness reports. 15 minutes after Bung left her home for school, someone matching her description was seen in a white Ford Falcon with a white male driver on a nearby main road. At the same time, an Asian girl who appeared to be around Bung’s age was spotted in the front passenger seat of a Holden Kingswood station wagon driven by a white man with tattoos – this vehicle being spotted in Rowville, a nearby suburb.

The timeline of these sightings seemed to conflict with what would have been established based on Bung’s original leaving home and walking route — leading to speculation that either there had been multiple vehicles involved in her abduction or perhaps even that witnesses were mistaken about what they had seen that morning. Were those descriptions just inaccurate recollections? Or did something more sinister occur? Until further evidence can be presented or unearthed, this case may never be brought to justice and its many questions left unanswered.

The investigation into Bung’s sudden disappearance quickly shifted towards one man arrested and interviewed by police twice for claiming he ran Bung over with his car and dumped her body in a reserve – but this lead soon fizzled out as his story didn’t add up and kept changing, a search of the reserve discovered nothing, leading police to believe it was a false confession possibly due to mental illness.

However, along with this initial suspect were several individuals considered as potential suspects at one point or another by authorities. Robert Keith Knight, a known pedophile and sex offender who lived nearby at the time she went missing was interviewed and ruled out as a suspect after further investigation of his alibi checking out – however there are rumblings that Knight may have been linked to notorious unsolved child murderer Mr. Cruel.

Knight was later once again arrested on possession charges a few years later – with police claiming he was planning to attack more children at the time of his arrest – but could not be questioned until he killed himself in jail, leaving police without answers. The discourse around his future actions connects him to suspicions surrounding the unsolved crimes conducted by Mr. Cruel whose last suspected offence spanned 20 years ago.

Under renewed scrutiny is whether Bung had been groomed online – looking into her relations on Facebook, Twitter and other popular platforms- but nothing significant surfaced connecting to anyone suspiciously relating back to her vanishing act. Making matters worse there are no publicly named active suspects making this decade old mystery remain painfully unresolved.

The Aftermath

The disappearance of Bung Siriboon remains unsolved, despite the passage of time and intense investigation by police and the community. Five years after her disappearance, police released the only relevant information they had regarding the case and offered a $1 million reward for any information that could lead to its resolution. Since then there have been no similar cases of child abductions in Melbourne, which could mean that the abductor was a one-time offender or has been successful in evading capture.

Though much speculation has arisen as to what happened to Bung, there are still no conclusive answers. There is a possibility that she was taken by a stranger or someone with a grudge against her family, or that her disappearance could be linked to other unsolved cases in the area. Despite this lack of new leads or evidence over the years, the reward for information leading to a resolution of Bung’s case still stands and it is possible that breakthroughs in technology may finally help bring closure to this case.

Bung’s story serves as an important reminder of how important it is to keep our children safe from harm.

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