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What Does Bigfoot Eat?

This huge, hairy primate requires a ton of calories to survive, so what does Bigfoot eat? These large mammals are found in the USA and Canada, and they need calorie-dense food sources or a lot of food.

Bigfoot eats berries, leaves, shoots, and fruit. They probably supplement their diet with small animals or scavenged food from humans. It’s doubtful that Bigfoot eats humans, however.

Because these beasts are so large, the number of calories they need to survive is probably at least 5,000 calories a day. Supporting such a large size would require a lot of work for an animal that practically lives as a hunter-gatherer.

Especially during the winter, in many of the areas that Bigfoot is said to live, it would probably have to diversify its food sources. Their diet would include eating fish, poultry, and food that humans leave out while camping.

Their stealth may be a learned trait from hunting prey. Their strength would help take down larger game, so they may even hunt deer and elk.

Outdoor Cooking. What does bigfoot eat?

What Does Bigfoot Eat?

Because this creature requires such a tremendous amount of food, it also needs a large habitat to survive. This also points to Bigfoot being a migratory creature.

Without an adequate food supply, any large mammal would surely die of starvation during the harsh winters it would experience.

We can theorize about Bigfoot’s diet through witness testimony and speculation based on the creature possibly being some form of great ape.

Bigfoot is surviving in a wide variety of climates, and the only other great ape to do so is us, humans. This is another thing to consider when pondering Bigfoot’s diet.

Based on Bigfoot’s possible weight, we can get an approximation of how many calories it would need to consume to survive:

Bigfoot’s Possible WeightCaloric Needs For Body Weight
400 pounds~3300 calories per day
800 pounds~5500 calories per day
1000 pounds~7000 calories per day
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Is Bigfoot An Herbivore?

If we go with the theory that Bigfoot is a great ape, we can look at the foods that great apes eat.

Other great apes are gorillas, orangutans, and chimpanzees.

Adult male great apes can weigh up to 400 pounds, and this is only a fraction of the size of a sasquatch.

The diet of gorillas is mostly leaves, shoots, and fruit. They do sometimes get protein through insects, though.

While it is likely that Bigfoot consumes a lot of plant matter, this diet becomes less feasable during the winter.

Sure, moose, elk, and deer can survive off of plants during the winter. However, these animals have considerably smaller brains than Bigfoot, and they weigh much less too.

Plus, those animals are ruminants, and they process food differently than apes do.

Many areas where Bigfoot is said to live simply don’t have enough vegetation to support their survival during the winter.

For this reason, I find it very unlikely that Bigfoot is a vegetarian. 

Vegetarian Food SourceHow Much Bigfoot Would Need To Eat In One Day Reach 5000 Calories
BlackberriesThere are 62 calories in 1 cup of blackberries. Bigfoot would need to eat 81 cups of blackberries to reach 5000 calories.
ApplesThere are 65 calories in 1 cup of chopped apples. Bigfoot would need to eat 77 cups of apples to reach 5000 calories.
Paw PawsThere are 70 calories in 1 cup of wild paw paw. Bigfoot would need to eat 72 cups of paw paw to reach 5000 calories.
Chicken Of The Woods MushroomsThere are 22 calories in 1 cup of chicken of the woods mushrooms. Bigfoot would need to eat 228 cups of chicken of the woods to reach 5000 calories.
HazelnutsThere are 848 calories in 1 cup of hazelnuts. Bigfoot would need to eat 6 cups of hazelnuts to reach 5000 calories.

Is Bigfoot A Carnivore?

So is Bigfoot a meat eater?

Chimpanzees are largely vegetarian and prefer fruit, but they are the one species of great apes known to also be hunters. They work together to catch prey like small monkeys to eat.

It seems likely that Bigfoot is actually omnivorous rather than a carnivore or herbivore.

Much like humans, Bigfoot lives in many different climates. This requires them to be able to survive off of many different diets.

There are some Bigfoot sightings that even say that Bigfoot uses tools. This would make them effective at hunting.

It’s one thing to catch a rabbit, but another thing entirely to take down an elk with your bare hands. Being able to use tools and weapons greatly increases your chances of success.

Bigfoot is probably also a scavenger. Many sightings say that Bigfoot has stolen food from campers, licking plates clean and eating all of their bacon

What does Bigfoot like to eat? Sightings also say that Bigfoot likes raw meat, berries, fruit, and even insects.

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Does Bigfoot Eat People?

Bigfoot is large, primitive, and seems to be nocturnal. These facts make the creature seem scary to humans.

But is the Bigfoot really a danger to us?

They are actually shy creatures and prefer to be alone. They don’t live in areas with much human activity.

While Bigfoot does seem to be curious about human children, they aren’t a likely source of food for them.

The fact is, Bigfoot would rather be left alone than eat you.

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What Is Bigfoot’s Diet?

The most likely answer is that Bigfoot eats various foods depending on where they live and what time of year it is. They are probably creatures of opportunity that will scavenge, hunt, or gather as needed.

Much like bears, they probably look for the easiest sources of food. They’re a bit lazy that way, which makes sense for a creature with so much mass but scarce food.

Bigfoot has been observed following groups of deer, possibly to hunt them. Caves suspected to have been inhabited by Bigfoot also have been found with deer parts inside.

They have also been spotted on roads, which may be a sign that they scavenge for roadkill.

Bigfoot has many options for getting food, and most of them involve staying far away from humans. No matter what they eat, we probably don’t need to worry about them eating us.

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